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August 21st, 2009

07:02 pm - MANIP: Merlin, Full Frontal Nudity, BETA
I started this fourth entry midway through the week and just managed to get it finished just now.


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October 4th, 2006

07:55 am - CAKE!
While I'm not gonna cut it open to count the rings...were you aware that today is this community's birthday?
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August 28th, 2006

02:39 pm - Furlings go boom!
So, the 200th episode of Stargate SG·1 was supposed to be non canon; basically they were spoofing a lot of science fiction shows. In it they finally "reveal" the Furlings...which was kind of a silly, brief, annoying, adorable, let down:

Still, it was kinda funny in a "Ewoks finally got theirs" kinda way.
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August 17th, 2006

08:30 am - can't be a spoiler if it's on a commercial...
...although I did get a bit from this morning's paper.

This Friday marks the 200th episode of Stargate SG·1 and they're going to be even more silly than usual. Spoofing themselves and several others shows of the genre, most notably Star Trek & Farscape, there's also supposed to be some sort of homage to The Wizard of Oz. All that aside...rumor has it we finally get to see what a Furling looks like.
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March 1st, 2005

08:18 pm - Icon Acquisition!
I was just goofin' around and made this icon. I read of the previous icon challenges and hopefully this may be amusing. If not...meh. i'll forgive you all someday. *_^
Whooo! *does first post dance*
Follow the Furling!Collapse )
hopefully this works...i'm a real nubie with Lj-Cuts

As Mulder would say, "It's official, I am a horse's ass." I accidentaly posted this into a different community...and had a really bad and incriminating typo in it...forgive my mistakes?
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October 19th, 2004

09:31 pm

Does anybody remember these guys? I do, scarily enough. It was all about the same time as Fern Gully and the Rescue Rangers.


Seriously, now. It's quite fitting, perhaps. The Furlings home world/galaxy became polluted like, well, like Earth, and they decided to set off on an 'exciting and daring adventure' to discover a way to stop it/heal it/get away from it.

Of course, if you decide that the skeletons in Maybourne's Utopia were in fact Furling, one would be led to believe that they are, indeed, humanoid rather than, well, badger-oid. Will we ever find out?

Not likely, but its fun to speculate.

I like to this they're a forest-dwelling people, like the Nox, and less like the grey and overtly technological Asguard and Ancients, myself.

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12:23 am
Oooh! Looks like this community gets three icons! How we can use them... I have no clue yet. But at least the default can sit prettily on the info page for this group... oh, and our main entry page too! V. Cool!

So here's another challenge for all you lucky Furlings you. *bg*

We need three icons. So create some lovely pretty icons, and post them to the comment section here. And we'll figure out some way to rotate the usage of each one. Sounds cool?

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October 18th, 2004

08:49 pm
Wee! I think we have a couple new potentially insane people! Welcome to thefurlings!

Here's the first Monday night challenge EST... which may change to Tues, or Wed or Fri, but *not* Thurs, 'cause it's just not cool enough.

Our very first challenge: Find The Furlings.
Who are they, what are they, where are they, etc. Write a fic (any size you please) or create fanart or even a vid if you've got something in mind. Icons work too. As long as the subject is, "The Furlings" it's all good. You've got till next Monday to share with us. *g*

And, we Furlings want to know.
We're looking for the guru in all of you to help us find the answers to these five questions (*cough*the more insane the better*cough*). In the comment section of this entry, give us the answers to one or more of the following:

1. The hair issue. Why did Daniel decide to go short? Is Sam's hair alive? What caused Jack's hair to go grey? Teal'c? Hair? What!? (and more!) You've got a hair theory that we wanna know about.

2. Jack and kids. How did the school kids in 'The Learning Curve' come to know Jack?

3. Missing Report. Nyan, Ferretti, Catherine Langford and Aris Boch, where are they now?

4. SG: The Musical - how, when, where, and why?

5. The Tok'ra: Allies or Goa'uld in disguise?

Go wild in the comments page! *beg*

One final thought. Some sibs have yet to see anything from Atlantis, and so far the Furling thread doesn't have a basis in the spin-off, so... for the moment we're going to try to stick to being Atlantis free. Oh! and Second final thought, if you have any suggestions for 'We Furlings Want to Know.', email me. *bg*

One of the mods, Arti
Obey Your The Furlings.

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October 11th, 2004

05:30 pm - Sanity Just Gets in the Way
Hello people. I'm theemdash, let the insanity commence. For those that don't know, dierne and I run sg_appreciation. And if you've seen what we post over there you know that sanity is something that we're severely lacking. And we sort of celebrate that fact.

As for ideas about what the community should be, I think insane discussion is a big one (also drooling over the hotties). Also I think we need to try to finally find these Furlings. And determine why in 7+ years we can only run into 75% of this council of alien races even though one of those races is our very best alien friends (Jack so has a charm that says Jack + Thor = 4EVA).

Anyway, hi everybody! ::frenetic waving::

PS. I like Jello.
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07:26 am - Helllo
Okay - Im here!

::looks around::

Nice place you got here!

I write and do a tiny bit of drawing but mostly so manips at the moment.


What sort of group? -- well I want a place where we can have fun -- and be really silly and talk about SG.

I love Jack and I adore Daniel but I like the rest of the team too. I think that just having conversations with each other will spark off ideas, that's what I usually find anyway.

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