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October 18th, 2004

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08:49 pm
Wee! I think we have a couple new potentially insane people! Welcome to thefurlings!

Here's the first Monday night challenge EST... which may change to Tues, or Wed or Fri, but *not* Thurs, 'cause it's just not cool enough.

Our very first challenge: Find The Furlings.
Who are they, what are they, where are they, etc. Write a fic (any size you please) or create fanart or even a vid if you've got something in mind. Icons work too. As long as the subject is, "The Furlings" it's all good. You've got till next Monday to share with us. *g*

And, we Furlings want to know.
We're looking for the guru in all of you to help us find the answers to these five questions (*cough*the more insane the better*cough*). In the comment section of this entry, give us the answers to one or more of the following:

1. The hair issue. Why did Daniel decide to go short? Is Sam's hair alive? What caused Jack's hair to go grey? Teal'c? Hair? What!? (and more!) You've got a hair theory that we wanna know about.

2. Jack and kids. How did the school kids in 'The Learning Curve' come to know Jack?

3. Missing Report. Nyan, Ferretti, Catherine Langford and Aris Boch, where are they now?

4. SG: The Musical - how, when, where, and why?

5. The Tok'ra: Allies or Goa'uld in disguise?

Go wild in the comments page! *beg*

One final thought. Some sibs have yet to see anything from Atlantis, and so far the Furling thread doesn't have a basis in the spin-off, so... for the moment we're going to try to stick to being Atlantis free. Oh! and Second final thought, if you have any suggestions for 'We Furlings Want to Know.', email me. *bg*

One of the mods, Arti
Obey Your The Furlings.

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Date:October 19th, 2004 07:34 am (UTC)

The Hair Issue

Sam must have been seriously busy prior to the events in 'Grace'. Her roots were showing something chronic. Erk. Obviously she didn't have time to get to the hairdresser.

Teal'c looks gooooood with or without hair. (No biases showing or anything, of course).

Jack's hair went grey from trying to understand Daniel and Sam. Teal'c didn't want to show that Daniel and Sam were giving him grey hairs, so he kept on shaving his head.

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